Empathetic Empress

I see you boo. You magnificent emotional beast. A mix of a complicated beautiful disaster and the light the world needs. My healers. My wild women-intricately unique, creating cosmic explosions of goodness around every bend of darkness. My truth seekers. I see you longing, ACHING for the irresistible... and for us, unattainable need for simplicity.

To just be LESS sometimes. To posses normalcy... a fantasy unreachable on days like this.

How erotic it would be to go through life without being dragged away in every interaction of pain and absence of healing. With every itch for less, the pursue of fixing and empowering triumphs without measure.

Why do we need to feel EVERYTHING though.

This sought after gift can so quickly become a prison of healing, spreading ourselves so thin we lose ourselves.

We lose our light.

But still we sit in the dark with these gifts that will not leave. They ache to be unleashed, begging to heal the next soul it encounters even when there is nothing left.

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I see the magic oozing from your fingertips. Its messy as fuck isn't it? No matter how hard you try to wipe it from your soul to fit into this sanitized world, that magical shit gets everywhere. In an over sanitized world that magical mess scares them. The ones who wear normalcy like a badge of honor. We want what they have.. so we sit on our hands until the magic lessons.

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I feel you. I feel you fall from exhaustion. Collapsing from your unsung cries- needing to siphon your straining light into these souls with no refuel. Before you jump back up, beautiful warrior, I ask you one thing: Embrace the fall. Feel the silence of the dark. You are safe here. Breathe in this space of needed broken despair- you've earned a beautiful temporary rest. We must bend and break again and again to rise to our fullest glory.

I hear you. I hear your screams muffled from the ocean of judgement trying to drown you. A world who asks you to be less. Don't you dare fight those waves. Bathe in their oceans of judgment, sweet thing... because once you see the truth- the realness of the water they once tried to suffocate your spirit in.. you'd see what that ocean really is. The world is fearful of someone like you- their fears and self hatred have manifested itself into a wild sea, desperately hoping these crashing waves of shade and snide remarks lessen their chances of having you stand fully in your power. Because you see gorgeous... their self judgment becomes so suffocating it must be released at the very being that threatens who they've disillusioned themselves to be.

You my dear are real. You are whole on your own, and how dare you stand so boldly in your truth! You make it so hard to hold the mask they so tightly clutch.. because if your glimmering authenticity breaks their illusion of perfection and complacency.. they'd have to face their reflection, and dive into that water with you. And although they can create colossal waves- they know they can't swim like you.

Do you see it? Do you see the waves of lies crashing before you? This truth is your armor- your oil slick. Your mermaid tail. Use this truth to to swim fiercely through the turbulent self doubt they toss your way, because now baby, you see its not yours to carry.

Everything they want to irradicate from you is the wholesome remedy they need to bring them back to life.

So don't you dare compare your powerful self to the normalcy that surrounds you. Stand firmly in your essence. Find your flow unapologetically. Spread that oozing magic as far as you want to. The world needs balance- all those who add to the normalcy and YOU.

The impact you make is an atomic explosion of healing. A pristine chaotic rarity.

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So why do we feel everything so much?
Can you see it now?

We feel it so we can see it.
Heal it. Make it beautiful again.
The wave makers, the lovers, the ones just like us.

I know you're scared. But beautiful goddess...
Do you know the secret to making out of the dark?

Find your fellow atomic explosions.

Those cosmic healing mess makers. Hold out your hand and let down your ivy tangled encasement so they can see you in all that you are. Because you know what.. we are waiting for you too. To guide you when you feel lost. To hold you when you cannot do it anymore.

We'll remind you of your worth, help heal those wave makers, and if we can't, well kindly pull you from the water and help you use your voice to tell them to go fuck themselves with so much light and love they wont know if they're wounded or healed. We will pull you up, and make you reach higher than you ever have before.

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We are the ones who have paved the way before you, waiting in other realms ready for you cues. We are the ones around you, hiding behind our own wounded walls waiting to be your comrade. You see, beautiful one, you are not alone in this, That was never the intention on this journey. Though we see your brilliant strength, we are here with you.

When you have a day, where the temptation of normalcy peaks in, asking for your desire..

You remember who the fuck you are.


This piece was contributed by Katie Happyheart, of New Hampshire. Go check her out to learn more about her incredible intuitive services! 

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