Carolyn is a free spirited old soul with a deep love of herbal tea, being in nature, road trips and adventure.

She has felt called to her purpose of helping, healing, inspiring, encouraging and supporting others from a young age. As a born intuitive and spirit communicator (psychic medium) and a natural empath, she has a unique approach to connecting with others and innately understands how to best support them on their individual journeys.

Drawn to all things spiritual and holistic, she trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2010 to become a certified Holistic Health Coach and is also a registered member of the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)

Carolyn offers transformative Reiki which is a powerfully relaxing and incredibly healing experience that is very helpful for releasing stuck energy, blockages and the things that we’re carrying which no longer serve us. All of her Reiki sessions include a detailed follow up about what she intuitively noticed and felt with the mind, body and spirit during the session for the client’s awareness and continued healing.

She also offers intuitive card readings with various tarot decks, including angel cards, animal cards and Goddess cards. Her readings are known for the helpful insight, clarity and direction that they provide. She also does one on one and gallery style mediumship (spirit communication done with an audience) with the intention of bridging the perceived divide between those that we love on the other side and those who remain here. She firmly believes our loved ones are still around us in spirit and that their energy lives on. They are eager to give us messages of love, hope and healing while offering us beautiful reminders that they are still a cherished part of our lives.

Aside from her intuition and her card decks, she uses her big, loving heart, her trademark compassion and a healthy dose of humor as the tools of her trade. She believes her purpose is two-fold, not only is she meant to fulfill her passions of working with others in all of the above ways, she is also meant to teach and guide others to unleash their own innate healing and intuitive abilities. As Glinda the Good Witch always said, “The power was in you all along, my dear.” Her mission is to help as many people as possible to realize this and awaken to their own gifts.

This is partly what led her to co-create the thriving Red Tent Women’s Group of NH (based in the Concord Area) with Amber Therrien-Bartlett. Finally the women of the area felt seen, heard, understood and supported. The sisterhood and community that it created were so powerful that women came from all directions with stories of how inspiring and needed the group was and what a difference that love and support made in their lives. With the encouragement of the growing group, Amber and Carolyn felt called to create a physical location which could house all of the services they wanted to offer to the area’s women, and Wild Woman Wellness Center was born.

Carolyn is a born and raised native of New Hampshire. These mountains feed her soul! She is also the proud mama of two Wild Women who may be small in size but are big in heart. Together they climb trees, hike, explore, adventure and experience. They teach her more and more every day. She is married to her first love and though her life can get rather busy, she tries to remember to live in gratitude and count her blessings every day heart emoticon She is so honored to share the journey with each of the women who have walked the path with her through Wild Woman Wellness Center and the Red Tent.

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