Chakra Balancing and African Drumming 12/8/18


Chakra Balancing and African Drumming 12/8/18


Date: Saturday December 8th
Time: 3-5pm

Chakras, a word that many have heard but few are familiar with. So what are they exactly? Chakras are spinning wheels of energy located throughout the body that relate to key emotional, physical & spiritual functions. A total of 7 chakras make up the main chakra system correlating to stability, creativity, self-worth, love, one’s ability to speak his or her truth, intuition, and spiritual connectedness. Many factors such as stress, pressure, and sometimes simply the demands of daily living can throw our chakras out of whack which in turn, can create a number of emotional and physical concerns. This two hour class will focus on realigning and rebalancing our chakras through guided meditation, the power of vinyasa flow yoga, and rhythmic African Drumming. Class will wrap up with a 20 minute Reiki infused savasana to help integrate and close out this chakra balancing practice.

Class fee $25.00

Sara Ellerbeck-Teacher Bio

Like most things in life, yoga found me at exactly the right moment. Having just graduated with a degree in dance, my body was over tired and over worked. My nerves were fried from being in such a high pressure, high stress environment for so long and yoga immediately gave me this sense of going home. It was a chance to move, stretch and breath, all things I was used to, but in a way that actually was kind to my body and in a way that propelled me forward towards a heightened sense of self-awareness. One I had never experienced before. Yoga started to unravel the ideas that I had to be ultra-thin to be valued and "work through the pain" in order to succeed....ideas that were forced on me daily as a dancer. Through yoga I started to soften. I started to become more aware of things like loving-kindness, gratitude, and self -acceptance. Those new concepts eventually came to replace the harsh, old ones that no longer served and allowed me to start living my life in a kinder, gentler way.

Yoga blew the doors to my life wide open and constantly reminds me that all experiences bring us opportunities to learn, grow, change and expand. I love being and staying curious about life, love, consciousness, spirituality and how it all interconnects. I try to bring the same sense of curiosity and wonder to my classes and love sharing my passion for being a student of life with others!

I completed my 200-hour RYT teacher training program in 2015 through Yoga New Hampshire with my teachers, Beth-Aimee Labonte and Maureen Miller. I’m also an Usui method Reiki Master and love infusing my classes with Reiki love where appropriate. Looking forward to seeing you on your mat, stay curious my friends!

Grant Ellerbeck – Artist Bio

Grant is a life-long musician specializing in West African and Afro Cuban styles of drumming. He has been a student of West African masters Famoudou Konate, Namory Keita, Nansady Keita, Billy Konate and local artist-performer Dave Kobrenski, and is a current student of West African master Sayon Camara, based in Woodstock Vt.

As the leader of Araba-lon, the New-Hampshire based musical troupe, Grant is dedicated to honoring the traditional music of West Africa by offering performances at local farmers' markets, arts markets and a variety of multi-cultural dance events and celebrations. The Araba-lon group also accompanies Sayon Camara during his local residencies and performances.

An evening of playing with an ensemble performing Kirtan in 2017, and an invitation to accompany a morning yoga class has opened yet another direction for expression and collaboration. Playing in the yoga class setting, Grant brings a varied sound-palette of low-tuned Congas, African Calabash, Udu and Krin to create a musical flow that responds to and contributes to the energy of the class.

As the musical journey unfolds, there will be new sounds and forms and new collaborations, but the circle will always return to the fundamentals - community, celebration and gratitude.


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