Chakra Hypnosis

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Chakra Hypnosis


June 20th, 5-6 pm

Feeling out of balance? Need a mood or energy boost? Immune system low?

Hypnosis for chakra balancing can help you feel more grounded, energized and can facilitate positive changes both mentally and physically.
Chakras are energy centers within the body. There are 7 starting from the base of the spine and running upward to the crown of the head. Each chakra corresponds to the body systems they lie near. For example, the 5 th chakra is at the throat and if it is out of balance you may have a sore throat, laryngitis, or a stiff neck. Or maybe you have trouble speaking up for yourself. By balancing the chakras, you body is able to turn on its innate healing mechanisms.
Chakra balancing through hypnosis can help -

 Stress
 Focus
 Digestion issues
 Communication
 Immune system
 Emotional balancing and grounding
 Intuition
 Overall wellness

When using hypnosis to balance the chakras, you’ll likely notice the benefits right
away and may even continue to feel positive changes after the session.

Facilitated by Jennifer Yeaton Parris

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