Communing with Elementals


Communing with Elementals


Communing with the Elementals

6:30-8:30 pm ~ July 20th

How are the spiritual healers of our time able to be in direct talks with Spirit? Speaking with rocks, plants, Angels, and animals? They are able to do this through heart perception. Seeing from the heart allows an open flow of communication. We all have this spiritual gift- the ability to commune with all Beings. In this workshop you will learn about heart perception and how to see from this place. We will open the door to hear the healing wisdom that the Elementals are sharing with us so freely. Individually, you will practice communing with plants, crystals, and rocks. Through this you will learn how you personally communicate with Spirit, how you receive. Do you have visions, hear voices, or feel imprints of emotions? It is unique for each person, and once you directly experience this for yourself, you are able to use your gifts in beautiful ways, living in harmony and balance with all Beings. $25/pp

www.WildWomanWellness.Center/classes to RSVP

With Lauren Wargo

Source ~ Soul Healing. Spiritual Unity. Welcome Home.


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