Evading & Escaping Violence: Practical Strategies 4 Self Defense


Evading & Escaping Violence: Practical Strategies 4 Self Defense


Date: May 24th
Time: 6:30pm-830pm

This will not be your typical women’s self defense class.

Typical women’s self defense classes focus on fighting the attacker. You’ve heard and seen the common suggestions:

  • Carry and use pepper spray or mace.

  • Use your keys as a weapon.

  • Claw your attacker’s eyes out.

  • Kick your attacker in the groin

Whether you’ve taken one of these classes or not, perhaps you’ve doubted how well these strategies would work for you or if you could even bring yourself to do them?

What if there was a different answer that didn’t involve fighting?

Gazelles can and do often evade or escape a lion’s attack. They do not fight the lion where the lion’s strength lies, instead they use their natural abilities, their particular strengths, to get away, to get home safely. Isn’t that all that we want to do? Get home safe and sound?

Just like gazelles, women have natural abilities to escape and evade violence. In this class, we’ll explore and strengthen these abilities through a series of fun, silly, and cooperative games. At the conclusion, should you wish to do so, we’ll apply the principles you’ve learned to common attack scenarios of your choosing in a safe and supportive environment. You will be able to test it out, to see that it does indeed work for you.

No special attire is needed. Please wear that which you will be comfortable moving about in.

Because everyone’s safety, physical, mental and emotional, is a priority, please understand that you will be exposed to potentially triggering subjects. Participation in any or all components of the evening are completely optional. If you wish to just observe and not actively participate, you are welcome to do so. Because of the nature of the content, we recommend attendees be over the age of 14, though exceptions can be made with prior arrangements.

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