Goddess Guidance Empower Flow 3/3/19


Goddess Guidance Empower Flow 3/3/19


Date: Sunday March 3rd
Time: 3:30-5pm

What do you think of when you hear the word Goddess? For some, “Goddess” may evoke thoughts of an elusive vixen, wild and untamed. While others may picture a divine mother being, full of love and tenderness. The truth is that she is both. She is both wild and free, nurturing and comforting, magical and ethereal, strong, bold and fierce. And where does one find such an enigmatic presence you may ask? Look no further than within. She is within us all, young and old, male and female, new and seasoned souls alike. She resides within your heart, quietly waiting for you to welcome her in. Quietly waiting for the day that she can finally bust out and shine, shake out her hair, and get down to work.
Together in this hour and half vinyasa flow yoga class we will harness the energy of the goddess to help emPOWER yourself, your practice, and your life. Class focus will shift monthly to a new goddess stemming from a variety of mythological and spiritual backgrounds to re-awaken the divine feminine within and to help you stand up and claim your own personal power.

Class fee $20.00

Sara Ellerbeck-Teacher Bio

Like most things in life, yoga found me at exactly the right moment. Having just graduated with a degree in dance, my body was over tired and over worked. My nerves were fried from being in such a high pressure, high stress environment for so long and yoga immediately gave me this sense of going home. It was a chance to move, stretch and breath, all things I was used to, but in a way that actually was kind to my body and in a way that propelled me forward towards a heightened sense of self-awareness. One I had never experienced before. Yoga started to unravel the ideas that I had to be ultra-thin to be valued and "work through the pain" in order to succeed....ideas that were forced on me daily as a dancer. Through yoga I started to soften. I started to become more aware of things like loving-kindness, gratitude, and self -acceptance. Those new concepts eventually came to replace the harsh, old ones that no longer served and allowed me to start living my life in a kinder, gentler way.

Yoga blew the doors to my life wide open and constantly reminds me that all experiences bring us opportunities to learn, grow, change and expand. I love being and staying curious about life, love, consciousness, spirituality and how it all interconnects. I try to bring the same sense of curiosity and wonder to my classes and love sharing my passion for being a student of life with others!

I completed my 200-hour RYT teacher training program in 2015 through Yoga New Hampshire with my teachers, Beth-Aimee Labonte and Maureen Miller. I’m also an Usui method Reiki Master and love infusing my classes with Reiki love where appropriate. Looking forward to seeing you on your mat, stay curious my friends!

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