Illuminated Intentions: Spring Equinox Retreat


Illuminated Intentions: Spring Equinox Retreat


March 16th, 9:30am-3:30pm

Spring Equinox is a time for embracing light, planting seeds to create new beginnings and setting intentions for the path we want to take in fresh, positive ways. Please join us on Saturday March 16th from 9:30-3:30 as we dive deep into these concepts. Connection to others, tea, an intention setting workshop, a chakra crystal healing session and journaling will be the highlights of the day.

We will start the day with introductions, tea and a reading about what this part of the year brings to our lives. Then, workshop one, titled “Intention Setting and Emotion Code Release” led by Katie Jolicoeur and Rebecca Packard (see description below) will be followed by lunch. Participants will pack their own lunches, but we will join together to take a moment of rest and nourishment together. After lunch, workshop two, titled “Chakra Bliss Healing Circle” led by Damla Aktekin will take place (please see description below). Our day will end with some journaling and gratitude for those who joined us and for moving forward into the year healthier, happier, lighter and renewed.

Location: Wild Women Wellness Center

Time: 9:30-3:30 (please arrive a few moments early to make your tea and get settled, so we can start at 9:30)

Cost: $100

Spots: There are only TEN spots open for this retreat (minimum 6 needed to make it happen)

What to wear/bring: Comfortable clothes, a journal and a pen, water, anything you would like to make your space comfortable, such as blankets, pillows, yoga bolsters, etc. (we will have some items offered, but you are welcome to bring your own). We will also have a one-hour break for lunch. Please PACK your own lunch—you can join the group in eating or you are welcome to go out and grab something if you wish.

Contact: Please contact Allison Cloutier if you have any questions

Intention Setting and Emotion Code Release

Spring Equinox is a perfect time to re-evaluate your goals and intentions for 2019, and kickstart them into action. We will use cards and channeling with Katie to assist with tools to get your manifestations YOURS. Come see what your angels, ancestors, and guides may have as suggestions to get your life moving. This is combined with Rebecca’s emotion code practice to remove any emotional obstacles stopping you from reaching your dreams.

We will start and end with a simple meditation to get you grounded and connected, share ideas on what others have as intentions for inspiration, pull cards and channel, and release our blocked emotions with Rebecca to set intentions as we continue into 2019.

Chakra Bliss Healing Circle

Join Damla Aktekin of A Drop of Om in a Chakra Bliss Healing Circle. Damla leads the session to assist you to renew, reset and relax your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, as you experience the healing power of crystals and stones first hand. Get the wisdom, support and light you need the most right now by connecting to your higher self, spirit guides and spirit helpers. This session is done in a meditation format, and includes a group healing with crystals plus a channeled message for each participant as well as a sharing circle. A note from Damla: No previous yoga or meditation experience required. Participants must be able to say prone on their back for up to an hour. Please dress comfortably in layers, especially if you tend to get cold.

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