Introduction to Trauma Touch TherapyTM


Introduction to Trauma Touch TherapyTM


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Date: May 9th
Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm

“Trauma is an indivisible part of human existence. It takes many forms but spares no one…Trauma happens to everyone…and it is hard for most people to know what to do about it.” —Mark Epstein, MD, The Trauma of Everyday Life

Whether large or small, trauma impacts almost every individual on the planet either directly or indirectly. From direct experience of disasters, wars and assaults to witnessing events indirectly as they unfold in the media, an experience of trauma seems unescapable. The net effect of experiencing these traumas is often an alternating experience of being overwhelmed to feeling completely numb and detached. For many people mental health counseling and traditional therapy help to manage these symptoms. Some, however, are left with a dichotomy where they logically know that they are safe in the present, but their body tells them a different story. It’s a split between what the mind knows and what the body feels.

Trauma Touch TherapyTM fills a unique space to resolve this disconnect. It is a time limited, client driven, body-centered approach to restore sensation and the mind-body connection. Using techniques designed to foster curious exploration of sensation through breath work, movement, touch and play, clients are able to recognize the relationship between physical sensations, emotions and behavior—all without directly tackling traumatic memories of the past

In this overview session, we’ll explore and answer:

What “qualifies” as a traumatic experience

How the brain and body changes as a direct result of experiencing trauma

What Trauma Touch TherapyTM is, how it works, and how typical sessions are run

We’ll conclude the session with an exercise that is designed to allow you to establish a connection between your mind and body to have an experience of your own internal sensations safely—an internal tool to carry forward in your everyday life.

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