Manifestation Creations - An Oracle GemWorks Workshop


Manifestation Creations - An Oracle GemWorks Workshop


Date: December 28th
Time: 7pm-9pm

What are you trying to manifest in the New Year?

Want to start your own business? Live a healthier lifestyle? Bring some harmony into your busy life? Attract money? Maybe even some romance?

Whatever it is that you are trying to bring forth into the new year - YOU have the power to set that intention and make it happen!

In this workshop, participants will set intention for the New Year, pull affirmations, and create manifestation jewelry using stones that align with what they intend to manifest in the new year. Each piece is infused with intent to be worn as a reminder of what you are attracting into your life in the New Year - a memento to remain positive, stay in the gratitude mindset, and trust that the universe is working with your to create a life that aligns with your greatest and highest good! 

This is a perfect way to wind down from the holiday craziness and come back to center, ushering out 2018 and welcoming what the universe is bringing us in 2019!

*** Choice of Bar Necklace or Wrap Bracelet***

*This workshop is limited to ten participants*

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