Fireside August Full Moon Red Tent


Fireside August Full Moon Red Tent


August 11th

Please note, this tent will be held at a different location. Annette has graciously offered to host our fireside ceremony. Join us at 73 Prospect Hill Rd, Hancock, NH 03449, please consider bringing a lawn chair, blanket and bug spray! 
Welcome to the Red Tent of New Hampshire! We have created this group to be a place for girls and women ages 15+ to come together, share stories and laughter, and find your sisterhood.

Red Tent gatherings can be many things, but initially, we simply want a safe space to share stories, hopes, fears, and desires that don't often have a place in general society. Red tents are for coming together over good food, good conversation, and good intentions. We will talk, share stories of joy, success, and heartache, sing songs, ask for help or prayers, or whatever else we feel is needed or called to. We typically open circles with a saging and a short guided meditation, followed by sharing and pulling Goddess Cards.

All are welcome to join in discussions, but please also feel welcome to come and sit quietly - meditate, create art, or simply enjoy a bowl of nourishing soup and a cup of tea in the presence of other women. 

The only rule we must all follow is to show respect for one another's differences of opinion and maintain confidentiality. 

We understand you have a busy life, and tents can run late. If you need to arrive late or leave early, please feel no pressure to be there the whole time. We welcome you in whatever capacity you are able to join us.

Red Tents are held on the full and new moons each month. We greatly look forward to meeting you!

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