Monthly Tarot Circle


Monthly Tarot Circle


Upcoming dates:

Oct 1st

Co-facilitated by Megan Alexander + Chris Lanzara

Tarot is a practical tool for self reflection and discovering the invitations present for us within our current circumstances. In this monthly gathering, we join together to receive wisdom and practical instructions to align more closely with our highest and best and the highest and best for all.

We invite you to convene with us in the spirit of collaboration rather than hierarchy. You will be encouraged to consider yourself both a reader and a querent in this space, though no prior experience is necessary! Tarot speaks in symbolism, the language of our unconscious mind, and through developing a relationship with the tarot we come to remember the dormant knowledge we all carry.

This circle is equal parts collective tarot reading, group coaching session, intuition development, and support group. All folks who seek this space out with sincerity of heart are welcomed and will be honored for all you are.

See you in the circle!

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On the first Tuesday of the month
from 7 - 9 PM
10 participants max

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