Reiki Certification


Reiki Certification

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Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 Certification Class

Many people have heard of the term "Reiki" because this

treatment is now becoming more wide known and is even available in most Hospitals.

Reiki is an ancient energy health method. Reiki is used to heal physical, emotional and spiritual issues. It allows the body to re-establish its own natural balance by restoring order to the body, clearing energy blockages and detoxifying our physical systems.

You will learn from Carol Wallace, a Reiki Master Teacher, to

perform Reiki to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit for

yourself and others. After attending the Reiki 1 class you can treat

yourself, family, friends and pets. After attending Reiki 2 class

you can perform distance healings. You will be learn three sacred

symbols that increase the vibration of the healing energy. It is

important to realize that the Reiki process is used in conjunction

with traditional medicine. You can take just the first class, just the second class (if you have prior Reiki 1 certification) or both classes.

Reiki 1 Class 9 to 3 pm, Sunday July 29

Reiki 2 Class 9 to 3 pm, Saturday Aug 11

Fee for each class is $150

Please bring your own lunch.

Place: Wild Woman Wellness Center

160 Dover Road, Chichester NH

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