Transformative Temporary Tattoo Event


Transformative Temporary Tattoo Event


March 17th, 5 pm

Tattooing has become a beautiful way to creatively express, adorn and decorate oneself as well as a way to memorialize, honor, celebrate or seek closure, but it is an ancient practice with sacred, spiritual roots.

The process of selecting a design and having it implanted into your skin to carry with you forever is a deeply transformative experience. Imagine the power consciously setting an intention about what you want to create, embody and carry as well as what you are actively releasing and letting go of.  

“It’s a type of energy healing,” she says. “[This process] brings up the subconscious things people need in order to transform into a better version of themselves.” Says intuitive tattooist, Justine Serebrin. “It’s a totem that you can use as a little reminder,” she says. “Whenever you’re feeling low-energy or disconnected, know you have this part of you that you can tap into on the road to becoming the best version of yourself.”

Getting a tattoo is permanent and can be a life changing experience, but we at Wild Woman Wellness Center have a very special alternative to offer. Join us for an Intutive Temporary Tattooing event with incredible local artist Annie Bell while Carolyn and Amber create sacred space. Annie will work with you to create the perfect intuitive temporary tattoo filled with your intentions while Carolyn and Amber help you to set intentions, fill your experience with magic and offer Reiki. All of the love and power contained in your tattoo will soak into your body and your energy field, becoming an intricate part of you which lasts long after the tattoo has faded. 

This event will be $30 a person. You are welcome to come with an idea for concept or location, or allow Annie to intuitively flow. RSVP is required for space purposes. This event will be held “red tent” style, where as a community we join together to hold space for one another as we undergo with transformative experience. We can talk about what we intend, what we are creating, what we want to embody, what we are ready to release and what we are letting go of, held in the sacred love and support of the circle.  

Because space is limited, pre registration is required. 


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