Winter Solstice Shamanic Fire Ceremony - 12/21/18


Winter Solstice Shamanic Fire Ceremony - 12/21/18


Friday, December 21, 2018 at 7 PM – 8:30 PM

Shaman, Heidi Bernardi (, invites you to explore the Celtic Medicine Wheel over the next year through journey and fire ceremony at the Wild Woman Wellness Center in Chichester, NH. The Winter Solstice is in the direction of North as we travel the Celtic wheel. This is the place of the Kalliac, the crone, the place of great wisdom and the grandmothers. Heidi will share the ancient teachings of each direction of the wheel as we progress through the year, and will guide the group in shamanic journey so that you may connect with the deity/goddess of this point of the wheel to receive your own insight and healing. We will conclude our evening with a traditional (indoor) shamanic fire ceremony, to release what no longer serves you in your life, and to call in that which you want more of in your life! Bring a drum or rattle, and a friend! Everyone welcome, no experience is necessary! $20pp, pre-registration recommended, or at the door.

If you'd like to join us for the other points on the Medicine Wheel, here are the upcoming dates to mark your calendar with.

1/31/2019 North East - Imbolc

3/20/2019 Spring equinox – East

4/30/2019 South East – Bealtaine

6/21/2019 Summer Solstice – South

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