Yoga 101


Yoga 101

from 10.00

Dates:  Starts 10/17 runs through 12/12/17 (every Tuesday except 10/31)

Time: 5:30

Yoga 101 - Learn the Basics 

This 8-week series is designed to introduce anyone who is new to yoga or needs to begin their practice again.

Postures will be learned from the ground up to provide alignment and a solid foundation while promoting strength, confidence, and flexibility. 

Postures will be “deconstructed” and coordinated with the breath as students learn to tune into their own posture, movement and breath “meeting themselves” exactly where they are... which is the true path and intention of yoga. 

Classes are designed to simply and systematically use each new yoga skill to advance to more complex skill, all in a supportive and nurturing class environment.  The principles are sound, the practice simple.  This 8-week program is sure to become a sound regimen towards a healthier body and more peaceful mind.  

These 8 weeks will allow each student to build and take home a basic yoga flow routine for their own personal practice. 

Interest in yoga is at an all-time high, and with good reason. Today people have come to recognize the many benefits of yoga to reduce stress, improve posture and flexibility, decrease pain to name a few. Come to class and find out what yoga can do for you.  

Michele Taillon, RN-Holistic Board Certified, RYT200 and MsT, blends 20 years of experience in bodywork, postural analysis and clinical knowledge with the awakening practice of yoga. compassion towards the self and the physical body. The founder of Yoga 603- “Yoga for Everybody, Everywhere”, she enjoys teaching yoga at events, studios, oceanside and mountainside, and working with people across the lifespan, with a sweet spot in serving underprivileged and special needs youth. 


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