ntuitive coaching combines spiritual guidance, soul healing, education, accountability and empowerment in a unique, customizable way which focuses entirely on your goals and intentions. 

Carolyn combines her background as a certified holistic health coach and her experience as a born psychic medium to create a safe space where you can learn, grow, heal and flourish. 

A client's goals are unique to them. Some clients want to improve their self care, deepen their own intuition, explore mediumship development, love their selves and their journeys, heal their hearts, strengthen their relationships, improve their stress levels, learn better coping skills, expand their tool-kit and more. 

You will co-create a plan which focuses on your individual needs and desires, with the intention of healing your specific blocks and expanding your unique skills and gifts. Intuitive coaching helps you to get from where you are to where you want to be. It encourages you to step into your passions, explore your purpose and unleash your potential. Coaching sessions can be done once or as many times as you need, and can be done in person at Wild Woman Wellness Center, by phone or by video messenger.  


$40/Half Hour | $70/Hour



"Carolyn Rose is pure joy with an amazing ability!" - Melissa Brooks

"Carolyn is such a lovely, giving soul. She embodies compassion and truly has a gift." - Tyler Fish

"I finally had the privilege to meet with Carolyn last night and it truly was the experience of a lifetime. She has a phenomenal talent and such a caring, welcoming personality!" - Kate-Lynn Lee

"Carolyn is amazing! She told me exactly what I needed, and I can't wait to work with her again!" - Delia Faria