mediumship New Hampshire

The same way basic physics tells us that everything and everyone is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies, basic physics also tells us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it merely changes form (The Law of the Conservation of Energy - one of the most well known scientific laws!) When our loved ones pass, it is hard to imagine the world without their vibrance, their love and their light. BUT – we don’t have to. Their energy, all of that beautiful love and light, has merely changed form. It is still very much there and available to us but vibrating at a frequency that can make it hard to see or connect with. Mediumship is the art of connecting with our loved ones (animals included) who have passed on in order to share their healing messages of love, hope, healing and empowerment. Our loved ones are eager to say that they are still around us, sending us their love and wishing us well. They want us to know that they are safe, whole and at peace. Do you have a loved one you dearly miss who you would like to connect with? Do you just have a general curiosity about who may be around you? If so, a mediumship session may be a great opportunity! 

Mediums pick up on the subtle (or sometimes not so subtle!) Spirit energies around us and give you identifying evidence (which could include physical characteristics, personality traits, life information, relationship to you, etc) to help you determine who from Spirit is here trying to connect with you. Mediumship sessions may be done one on one or in a “gallery setting.”

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are great when you wish to connect with the spirits around you. Whether you're sensing a spirit nearby, have recently lost someone, or are simply curious, these informative and deeply personal sessions can help you find the answers you are looking for.

Mediumship Gallery

 A gallery is a specific type of mediumship reading done in front of an audience. The medium stands in the front of the group and picks up on the various energies throughout the room, and gives this information to the audience one Spirit at a time. This is an interactive event full of insightful and heart warming information and messages. Typically several spirits will be read during the gallery, giving numerous people the opportunity to hear from their loved ones. It is also a perfect opportunity to see mediumship in action. Galleries are a popular in home party option. There is no way to know if a certain spirit will choose to come through. It is entirely up to them! Due to this, individual readings in a gallery setting are not guaranteed but the experience is amazing!


Individual Sessions

30 minutes for $40
60 minutes for $70

Gallery Sessions

$25 per seat