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Mediumship Gallery

A Gallery is a Mediumship event done in front of an audience. We are all made up of energy and the Laws of Physics tell us that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only change form. Based on this principle, we can believe that while our loved ones may have left on the physical plane, they are still with us in Spirit. The intention of a gallery is that our loved ones who have transitioned will come through with evidence and validation of their presence along with messages of love, healing and closure. Spirit chooses to come through or not, so a reading is not guaranteed and there is no way to tell if a certain loved one will come through (although you can ask them to in advance, but remember that it is ultimately it is up to them!) Messages received will often resonate for various audience members even if the reading is not directed at them, so keep your mind and heart open! Being a witness to several wonderful messages given and possibly a receiver of your own message is a beautiful and heart warming experience! Our Reader has excellent reviews and testimonials. $15 per person. Please RSVP to our Facebook Event link ( Our email us at