Salmon Press

"FRANKLIN — Wild Woman Wellness Center is a the newest place in central New Hampshire where women and girls can unwind, relax and enjoy just being themselves through a number of great programs and special events...

..."People began asking us to have a physical space for all we offer and we thought that was a great idea," said Richardson. "We all have a 'wild woman' within us, the woman we were before life told us who we should be. We decided we wanted to have a place where women could empower themselves and embrace who they really are deep inside."

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Boston Voyager

"Our intention was to hold space, and to create a gathering where women could truly be seen, be heard and be fully supported in a safe, judgment free environment. Women from all backgrounds, of all ages and all walks of life came. The healing energy in the room was something unlike anything we had ever experienced before, and we knew then that we had stumbled on to a significant part of our passion and purpose. We met so many wonderful, amazing, talented women through these Circles. Women who had gifts to share, but who also wanted to help support their families. The Circle continued to grow and expand. Finally we realized that this Circle, these women with gifts to share, they needed a home." 

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