reiki new hampshire

Basic physics tells us that we are all energetic beings. The floor, the sky, the air, a table, your body, your thoughts, a plant, an animal, our food... Everything and everyone is made up of energy. The reason it might appear differently (or not at all) is because the energy vibrates in different ways at different frequencies. When we are sick, tired, injured, stressed, drained or hurting in some way, our intelligent bodies direct our personal energy reserves towards the area that is out of balance to try to heal the situation. This uses up our valuable energy and leaves us with a deficit which we then try to survive on. We recognize this on an inner level when we say things like “My energy feels so low today!” or “I feel so drained!” The benefit of working with a trained Reiki practitioner is that they are able to channel all of this amazing, beautiful energy which surrounds us and direct it in a healing way into you, the receiver so that you have an ABUNDANCE of energy to attend to not only the inner and outer conditions which have been draining you, but all of the other body processes and life circumstances which need your attention and energy as well. 

Reiki is a powerful way to heal yourself - mind, body and spirit. Reiki is non-denominational, gentle, transformational, safe and effective for all ages. It helps to improve sleep, boost the immune system, reduce stress levels, induce relaxation, promote balance, happiness, health and serenity, gently detox, assist digestion, improve mental clarity, better your mood and outlook, raise your energy levels and assist in Spiritual Growth. Reiki also helps to balance you as a whole being - mind, body and spirit. Reiki can be done in person or long distance. Energy is not bound by the same time-space laws as we are. When you think of a friend and they suddenly call you, you connected on an energetic level! Wow, right? Sending and receiving Reiki via long distance is very similar. Distance Reiki is equally as effective and amazing as receiving a Reiki session in person is. 

All Reiki sessions are followed by an intuitive reading of anything  noticed energetically during your experience. This often includes information about possible blockages and areas of stuck energy both in your body and in your life. All Reiki sessions include a cleansing and balancing of your chakra system and a cutting of any and all energetic cords which are found to be draining you or not benefitting you in some way. A brief explanation of your chakra system and what energetic cords are is included in your follow up, as well as how anything found in these areas relates to you and your personal growth and development. 

Reiki is safe and recommended for all ages (including infants and babies still inside bellies!) and all conditions. The energy of Reiki is warm, soothing and enjoyable and rarely, if ever, has any side effects. Sometimes Reiki can induce personal growth or a shedding of what no longer serves you. Growth and change for some people can feel uncomfortable, even if it is necessary and positive growth and change. Please be aware and open to the possibly of releasing what you no longer need in your body and in your life. We have more room to accept and welcome that which we truly do want and what would absolutely benefit us when we release that which has been weighing us down!  

Reiki is perfect to give as a gift – unlike some gifts, it always comes in the right size and color! Gift certificates are available for all of my services, but are an especially popular option for Reiki. Who wouldn’t love the gift of health and healing??

30 Minutes for $40
60 Minutes for $70