Card Readings

tarot readings


Cards are full of beautiful artwork and helpful advice. When it comes to our questions, concerns and intentions, card readings are a power tool for diving deeper. They can help us to gain clarity, helpful insight and heartfelt guidance.  They are wonderful for revealing where blockages may be, and bringing us valuable advice from the universe which assists us with moving forward in a positive way.

There are many decks to choose from including nature, animals, Angels, Goddesses and more. During a reading, you will be invited to share you intentions out loud or in your heart and you will be encouraged to trust your intuition as you are guided to the perfect decks and cards for you. Carolyn will use her intuition and her connection to Spirit to interpret your cards and share their wisdom with you in a way that is informative and easy to understand, giving you the tools to empower yourself on an even greater level and deepen your own connection with Spirit. 

Readings can be done in person at Wild Woman Wellness Center, by phone, video messenger or email, and cards can also be done during in-home parties. 


30 Minutes for $40
60 Minutes for $70


"I've had readings before but last night I had my first tarot card reading with Carolyn. First of all, Carolyn's energy radiates warmth and peace. The reading she gave me was spot on, and brought awareness to things I wasn't thinking of. I left the reading with much needed clarity and feeling at peace within myself. Carolyn's gift is amazing." - Carissa Sikora

"I really enjoy meeting and having readings with gifted psychics, and Carolyn Rose is another to add to my favorites. Amazing and truly powerful reading (that I needed to hear). Thank you!" - John Blithe

"I just had the most amazing reading with Carolyn. Her knowledge, intuition , and guidance with her cards is wonderful. I feel more spiritually connected and on a good path! I am more at easy and concerns that have been bogging me down have been answered. Thank you Carolyn for this wonderful experience!" - Kayla Marie

"Carolyn gave me a very detailed reading and she was spot on with everything....provided me with some very helpful insight. One of the best readings I've had in a while. I'd highly recommend her to anyone." - Korina Magness

"Absolutely SPOT ON, I would recommend Carolyn for a reading and will be a regular for her. Her readings are just fantastic, insightful and honest. I can not stress how great of a reading I get from Carolyn EVERY time. If you are looking for an honest, in depth, heart felt reading.....she is the one for me. Extremely accurate every time! Carolyn makes every reading positive yet gives me that powerful kick me in the butt. She is kind and caring.....HIGHLY recommended." - Kim Tucker