Card Readings

tarot readings

 Have a specific question or life situation which you would like guidance and clarity on? Would you like insight into your life or patterns or do you have a general inquiry about the direction your life is taking? Having an intuitive card reading may be the perfect choice for you! Cards help you to connect with your deepest and wisest self, it is an ancient art which is still helpful and relevant today. Our reader, Carolyn Rose has a variety of tarot decks, Goddess decks, Angel decks and Animal Decks which you are free to choose from. You shuffle the deck and choose the ones you feel most drawn to. Then she will interpret the cards and help you to understand exactly what the cards are trying to tell you. Sessions are full of insightful, healing and empowering information and often reveal the underlying truths or factors of a situation which you might not be aware of. Our reader has rave reviews and glowing testimonials!

 The readings can be done in person, over the phone or via email.

30 Minutes for $40
60 Minutes for $70