VIP Membership

Value packed monthly subscription
$15/month ($120+ value!)

Our Powerful VIP Package Includes:

  • First dibs on limited availability red tent seats
    (Only 15 available per gathering)
  • An exclusive VIP-only discount on a popular service each month
    • January - $5 off an intuitive card reading
    • February - $5 off a Kitchen Witch class
    • March - $5 off a private mediumship reading .... 
    • These special coupons will change each month!
  • 15% off any loose leaf herbs or blends
  • 1 FREE Herbal Consult a month ($35 Value!)
    Get insight and clarity on your personal wellness and how you can take charge of your health naturally. 
  • 2 FREE Distant Reiki Sessions a month ($80 Value!)
    Receive healing energy in the comfort and privacy of your own home to gently release blockages, create balance and to promote restful sleep, reduced stress, improved immune system and vibrant energy. The 2 dates will be pre-selected and released to the group each month along with instructions on how to most benefit from the experience. 
  • Optional membership to our supportive Facebook Groups:
    • Red Tent Central NH
    • Wild Wellness of NH
    • Body and Sex Positivity for Women in NH
    • Shine Intuitive Development Group
    • A Private VIP Only Facebook group where you'll receive more information and reminders about your VIP only discounts, exclusives and benefits - including special FLASH SALES
  • Coupons and special offers to local businesses and events that we believe will benefit and excite our community

This valuable package is full of healing, inspiration and support. It is open to both men and women. It can be given as a gift as well! 

We look forward to continuing to create waves of healing in the community. Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey with us!

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